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Work Experience Placements

We are delighted to be able to offer young people from all over the UK an extensive choice of highly informative employer-led work experience placements to expand their knowledge of the green economy and provide valuable insights into the world of work. Leading UK employers from across a wide range of industries have partnered with Speakers for Schools to support our Green Skills Week campaign and we will be running interactive online placements of varying durations throughout March and April 2022. 


Click above to view all available work experience opportunities and use the search term ‘Green Skills’ to find placements specifically relating to Green Skills Week. 

All our virtual work experience placements are run through a simple, safe-guarded portal, giving students access to opportunities, schools an easy way to manage their work experience, and employers the chance to diversify their early talent pipelines and meet their social mobility goals.

Impact of placements

99% of young people felt better informed about the world of work and their future options after their placement.

100% of young people said their VWEX or virtual insight day was valuable


If you are a student and looking to take part in Green Skills Week Work Experience placements or Virtual Insight Days you will need to create your free Experience account with Speakers for Schools below. Please note that you will need the approval of your teacher to attend a work experience placement.

If you are a teacher/educator and interested in Green Skills Week for your students please create your free Experience account with Speakers for Schools below.

If you are an employer and want to find out more about how you can join us to inspire young people by offering Work Experience placements or Virtual Insight Days in our Green Skills campaign please register below.